Defense and Prevention

Strengthening the immune defenses is a need to provide when they are compromised by factors such as stress, excessive use of antibiotics, improper nutrition, inadequate night rest, etc.

Skeletal muscle

Take care of your musculoskeletal system: to combat muscle and joint pain, the right supplement can make the difference to your daily life. and to deal with your bodily deficiencies.

Physiology and Metabolism

It rebalances chemical and energy processes to maintain optimal functioning of the body, avoiding metabolic alterations that always cause some concern.

Cardio Circulatory

Protect your cardiovascular system and improve circulation with proper nutrition and supplement support


Protect and strengthen your neurological system thanks to the integration of functional vitamins.

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CACETON® - A Unique Formulation

Chronic renal insufficiency (CRF) is an irreversible disease that can also affect young people; when there is an increase in PTH (i.e. when the concentrations of Calcium and Phosphorus in the blood are altered), the patient undergoes a pathology that puts the skeletal system at risk (osteodystrophy) and the walls of the arteries which, due to enormous amount of circulating Phosphorus that the kidney is no longer able to eliminate, they undergo possible calcification.

Calcium acetate (CACETON) is a drug in America and is recognized by the FDA as the only antihyperphosphatemic product in the treatment of chronic renal insufficiency. Many clinical studies show that hypercalcaemia values, (this common consequence of the use of all calcium-based products), are very low in patients treated with CACETON compared to those found in patients treated with other calcium-based preparations present on the market, as Calcium Acetate has a very high rate of disintegration and therefore of chelation against Phosphorus and furthermore, being almost 100% soluble, the daily doses are also relatively much lower. The guidelines in the treatment of this pathology still indicate the use of Calcium-based products, and many clinical works guarantee the best efficacy with a lower risk using Calcium Acetate (CACETON) rather than other products on the market also based on calcium.

The importance of sleep

Nowadays the countless commitments and the hectic lifestyle increasingly reduce the time dedicated to sleep and this does not favor the correct functioning of our body. But, in addition to the right amount, the quality of rest is also essential for our health and, in particular, for the brain.

Wrong habits during the day cause serious disturbances to the body. It would therefore be better to avoid:

  • drinking too much coffee or alcohol;
  • to smoke;
  • eating too much and unhealthy food;
  • sitting too much;
  • go to sleep at different times etc.
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COXOR - For joint nourishment

Its goal is to nourish the joints by maintaining bone and cartilage metabolism. It is indicated in chronic degenerative arteriopathies of the joints, in the initial stages of osteoporosis and in chronic continuous stress pathologies (tennis elbow, mouse wrist, etc.)

Its formulation is very rich and complete; Glucosamine, Chondroitin sulphate, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane, strong point of the product) which prevents the degenerative failure of the cartilage tissue so its beneficial aspect is to relieve pain and inflammation of the muscles and joints caused by the accumulation of toxic substances in the joints and muscles.

the presence of all three components represents, compared to the other products on the market, an interesting and very important distinction.

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